Undergraduate Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Business, Interior Design


The aim of the contest is to offer students the opportunity to exercise their creativity in the field of Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Business, Interior Design.


• Brief for Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Interior Design

Applicants are requested to select 6 images or photos that can portray new trends and represent street style, celebrity style, fashion icons etc., by also adding a brief text per each photo (maximum 100-words).


• Brief for Fashion Business

Applicants are requested to upload a 500-word written piece of work, including a critical reflection on a contemporary phenomenon relevant for the fashion industry (e.g. sustainability, inclusivity, digitalization etc.) or the analysis of a brand of their choice. The text should be accompanied by visual research and a list of references and be submitted as a PDF file.


Criteria of participation

The call is open to students who have completed 12th / equivalent or awaiting 12th results.

 Participation is individual - no group participation is allowed.


How to participate:

• Click on “Apply for a Scholarship” and then on “Start your Application”;

• Fill in the application and upload the documents mentioned in the below point;

• You will receive an auto-generated response once your application has been received.

 Participation in the call is free.


What to submit:

Please upload the below documents to register to the contest:

• High School transcript and Certificate;

• Personal Statement;

• Curriculum Vitae;

• Material for selected course as per the brief.


The official language of the call is English.



• 15th November 2021 > Competition to go live.

• 5th December 2021 > deadline for the last registration.

Scholarship results will be communicated to winners in rolling basis.  


Academic Committee

The Scholarship Committee is composed of Istituto Marangoni leading Faculty members.

The Scholarship Committee will unquestionably judge and select the most appropriate candidate profiles.

Evaluation criteria

• Consistency with the objective;

• Innovative proposal;

• Validity of the proposal from a strategic point of view;

• Overall quality.



The winner of the competition will be awarded up to 30% scholarship on the tuition fee (enrolment fee is due) for the Undergraduate Progression Programme that will be held at the Mumbai Training Center of Fashion and Design of Istituto Marangoni in Mumbai, starting in January 2022*.

*Any scholarship allocated to the intake for which the student is enrolling (e.g. January ’22) will NOT be automatically valid and confirmed for the next intake (e.g. August ’22). The Management together with the Academic Committee will assess (and possibly confirm) any potential reassignment.

For those applying to Undergraduate Progression Programme courses: any deduction awarded is applied only to the first level of the study.

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.