Scholarship in partnership with Lissoni & Partners

Master in Contemporary Interior Design/Interior Design
Title: “New Sustainable Spaces”

1. Company Intro

Lissoni & Partners, founded and led by the Italian architect Piero Lissoni is one of the most important interdisciplinary design studios interpreting and bringing Italian sensibilities to the international design arena. The creative process of the studio is applied to a wide range of projects from architecture, interiors, landscape, product design and lighting to graphics, art direction and corporate identity. Their creative process driven by inspiration and experimentation is combined with a rigorous and refined aesthetic that interprets each context and creates a strong identity while responding to real human and social needs.

2. Brief

In line with the Lissoni & Partners approach, this competition is seeking interior design-oriented project solutions on a new Sustainable space, that have high aesthetic content, refined details and material combinations while responding to the fundamental criteria of a socializing space. The space may be private or commercial and may include areas such as a living space, lounge, seating area or other. A limiting criterion of the project proposals is that the space needs to be designed keeping in mind materials and objects 100% sustainable. The scale or size of the space is not important (it can be a seating area for two or a full lounge). Attention should be given to the elements that define the space, (architectural, furniture or other interior components) and the type and level of interaction.
Project presentation should be submitted in an A3 format pdf file with 3-5 pages and may include: drawings, sketches, collages, renderings and/or photos.
The documentation must include:
●    the name and identification of the project;
●    300-word description;
●    a mood board or concept board 300;
●    architectural drawings of the space with furniture (plan, elevations, sections and design details if applicable);
●    indication of materials, colours and finishes (with the focus on Sustainability);
●    min. 2 renderings or photographs of the interior space.
No identification elements of the candidate must appear on the presentation boards, which will feature only the name of the project.
These files must be uploaded in one single PDF.
Furthermore, in order to verify their eligibility for the designated Master Course, applicants are required to upload:
¥    Copy of the University Degree or other equivalent three years course
¥    Copy of University Transcript or equivalent
¥    Passport scan
¥    Signed Personal Statement
¥    Reference Letter 1
¥    Reference Letter 2
¥    CV
All sections of the application and documentation submitted must be submitted in English. Documents that are not originally in English should be accompanied by a certified translation.

No fee is payable to submit a Scholarship application.

If you have any questions on how to submit your application, please contact:

3. Application deadline and other key dates

●    7 th Dec 2020> Deadline for submission of registration and for submission of the project proposal.
●    11th Dec 2020> Meeting of the jury composed of professionals for evaluation of applications and assignments
●    mid-Dec 2020 > Notification of the applicant selected for the Scholarship by phone, with written notification to follow.

4. Academic Committee (assessment panel)

The Committee is composed of a representative from the company Lissoni & Partners that is supporting the scholarship, together with Istituto Marangoni representatives:
School Director (Milan Design) of Istituto Marangoni
Director of Education of Istituto Marangoni (Milan Design)

The Assessment Panel’s decision is final.

5. Evaluation criteria

Each application will be assessed by the Assessment Panel against the following

●    Consistency with the brief in the Project Themes above
●    Innovation and excellence in execution
●    Validity of the proposal from an aesthetic and functional point of view
●    Synthesis and clarity of the concept

6. Value: benefits and duration

The Assessment Panel will select one applicant for the Scholarship, with a second place applicant placed on reserve. Scholarships are awarded in the form of a tuition fee discount. No cash alternatives are provided.
The applicant selected for the Scholarship (the “Recipient”) shall be granted a 50% discount on the cost of their tuition fee (enrolment fee is due) for the relevant one year Masters course at Istituto Marangoni.

The Scholarship discount is only applicable to the tuition fee and excludes all other charges such as enrolment fees, living costs and ancillary items required as part of the course. The Recipient shall be responsible for covering all such other costs.

The Scholarship cannot be accepted in conjunction with any other discounts provided by Istituto Marangoni.

The Scholarship is awarded for courses at the Firenze school and Milan school only and is not transferrable to any other Istituto Marangoni campus or location.

The Scholarship is for courses starting in February 2021* and cannot be deferred. If you are offered the Scholarship and then choose to defer your place, the offer of the
Scholarship will be withdrawn and you will have to re-apply or will be reconsidered for the Scholarship again the following year.

*Any scholarship allocated to the intake for which the student is enrolling (e.g. February ’21) will NOT be automatically valid and confirmed for the next intake (e.g. October ’21). The Management together with the Academic Committee will assess (and possibly confirm) any potential reassignment.

7. Award of the Scholarship

The Scholarship is conditional upon the Recipient meeting the course eligibility requirements and receiving formal acceptance from Istituto Marangoni of a place on the relevant course.

The winner of the call will be awarded a 50% scholarship on the tuition fee (enrolment fee is due) for either the Master in Styling, Photography and Film that will be held at Istituto Marangoni Design, Italy starting in February 2021 and October 2021.

The company Lissoni & partners sponsors the scholarship.

8. Acceptance of the Scholarship award

Istituto Marangoni will notify the Recipient in writing that they have been selected, by way of an award letter enclosing a copy of these Scholarship Terms. The  “Scholarship Agreement” will comprise the Recipient’s application form, the award letter and these Scholarship Terms. It is a condition of accepting the Scholarship that the Recipient accepts the terms of the Scholarship Agreement.

The Recipient must confirm their acceptance by returning a signed copy of the award letter within 20 working days of receiving it, after which time the Scholarship offer will expire. Istituto Marangoni reserves the right to award the Scholarship to the reserve applicant if the offer is declined or expires.

9. Results and publication

At the end of the selection made by the Jury, the winner of the call will be announced via e-mail and telephone. The final project and the final news may be published on the Istituto Marangoni website or via social media.

10. Termination

The Scholarship Agreement is dependent on the continuation of the contract for study between Istituto Marangoni and the Recipient (the “Study Contract”).  If the Study Contract is terminated for any reason, the Scholarship Agreement shall terminate automatically. Istituto Marangoni may terminate the Scholarship Agreement on [one month’s] written notice at any time if the Recipient is in material breach of the Scholarship Agreement.  

Istituto Marangoni may also terminate the Scholarship Agreement [immediately] on written notice at any time if:
●    the Recipient decides to discontinue studying the course that the Scholarship is associated with;
●    other than in exceptional circumstances, if the Recipient takes a break from studying or defers the completion of their course for any reason; or
●    Istituto Marangoni is of the reasonable opinion that the Recipient has made an intentional misrepresentation in his or her application for the Scholarship.

11. Rights and use of the delivered outputs

Participants agree to transfer to Istituto Marangoni the right to use the project, the right to use any output delivered for the participation to the international call for ideas “Managing a masterpiece of design & culture”, as well as all the materials connected to the projects and delivered. Istituto Marangoni reserves the right to commercial use or publication or free exposure of the projects received, in the form and manner deemed most appropriate: the participants shall also authorize Istituto Marangoni to use the documents received for promotional purposes and in the manner deemed most appropriate.

The participants, joining the international call for ideas “Managing a masterpiece of design & culture” declare that the promoters of the initiative cannot be subject to any claim resulting from such use. In any case, the participants agree to relieve the promoters from any liability toward third parties.

12. Liability

Participants agree to the following rules on intellectual property rights and industrial property rights in relation to the projects delivered to the promoters of the call.
They guarantee and ensure that the outputs are their original work and have not been entirely nor partially copied or substantially from any other work, source or material and that, as to their knowledge, they do not infringe any copyright of any third party;
In the case of a copyright or other intellectual property carried out in their outputs or whether a part of it belongs to a third party, they guarantee and ensure that they have requested the permission and/or authorization to transfer to Istituto Marangoni that output, and that in any case, they undertake to relieve Istituto Marangoni from any liability for the use of material that is developed, designed and/or produced by third parties.

13. Indemnity

By participating in the call, the participants agree to absolve and indemnify the promoters from any negative consequence resulting from the infringement of the rules provided by article 11 and, more generally, from any negative consequence resulting from the use of the projects.

14. Information on the treatment of personal data

Personal data collected as a result of the participation to the call will be used for the following purposes: execution of the operations of the call and for the thereto related purposes: the processing of personal data will be executed using manual, electronic and telematics tools closely related to the purposes for which they were provided; they could be disseminated through websites and social networks connected to Istituto Marangoni. In case of refusal to provide the requested data in order to participate in the call, the application form will be rejected or the potential participant excluded. In case of refusal to provide the data, as indicated, in order to transfer the advertising material, there will be no consequences. Personal data collected as a result of the call participation will be registered in the Istituto Marangoni database, holder of the treatment;

People to whom the data collected as a result of the participation to the call refer to are considered the holders of the related rights, among them, the confirmation of the existence of their personal data and their provision in an intelligible form, the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form, or blocking of data processed unlawfully, as well as the updating, rectification, integration and to oppose the treatment for any legitimate reason. By participating in the call, the participants give their consent to the aforementioned treatment of data.

15. Consent to the use of personal data

Participants authorize Istituto Marangoni to use their personal data and their image, as well as to take videos, photos, registrations and to consign their image through third parties and with any tools, video, photo and television and the activity related to the call. They grant to Istituto Marangoni the right of use the said “material” in the context of the publishing products directed by Istituto Marangoni and in the context of the institutional website and social networks.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Italian law will govern the call and the relations between the participants.
Any dispute that may arise between the promoters and the participants will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.

17. Exemption from the ministerial validation

Pursuant to the article 6, D.P.R. 430, dated 26/10/2001, this call is not a prize competition or lottery: as a result