Deadline May 13th, 2019

The Fashion Retailer of the future

Istituto Marangoni is setting forth an international call for ideas to define the fashion retailer of the future for Italy’s legendary and most elegant department store: La Rinascente.

The contest involves finding possible paths for defining how La Rinascente will be different in 10 years time, yet maintaining the Store’s strong relevance and high-value customer experience. Starting from international case histories, participants shall use advanced tools to reach their goal, including the concepts of omnichannel strategies, prosumer approaches, AI, customization or any other model deemed to re-shape the future of the fashion retail industry.

The contest is aimed at graduates of degree courses in business, marketing or fashion already holding a 3-year Bachelor Degree or about to graduate by October 2019, as well as to industry professionals with relevant experience. The Committee will award one talented winner a 50% scholarship on the tuition for the Contemporary Fashion Buying Master’s Course.

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