London · The School of Design
Deadline December 7th

“Humanizing Distance”

Istituto Marangoni and Karim Rashid have partnered on the upcoming competition for scholarship asking student to submit proposals for a furniture piece that promotes social distancing. “Humanising Distance” will require applicants to submit a presentation that explains how potential users would interact with the design and the context in which it lives. Designers are encouraged to show their full design process and may include design research, ideation sketches, drawings & diagrams, mock-ups & prototypes, CAD modelling and renderings, and all other ways to best represent their idea.

The winner of the call will be awarded a 50% scholarship for the Product Design Master’s Degree that will be held at Istituto Marangoni • The London School of Fashion & Design starting in the February 2021* intake.

*Any scholarship allocated to the intake for which the student is enrolling (e.g. February ’21) will NOT be automatically valid and confirmed for the next intake (e.g. October ’21). The Management together with the Academic Committee will assess (and possibly confirm) any potential reassignment.

Karim Rashid himself, will lead a jury of professionals, including teaching executives of Istituto Marangoni. The jury will evaluate the projects and award the winner with a 50% scholarship to attend the Product Design Master’s Course (February 2021 intake) held at Istituto Marangoni • The London School of Fashion & Design.

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