1. Subject

A new edition of the scouting of Istituto Marangoni S.r.l. (‘Istituto Marangoni’) with the collaboration of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Architectural Digest Middle East, titled ‘Innovating Local Heritage Craft In Fashion and Design’ is introduced.  

The scouting (the ‘Initiative’) is aimed at students coming from Gulf Area Countries and offers the opportunity to win scholarships consisting in a 50% deduction on the tuition fee for Undergraduate programmes of Istituto Marangoni Schools, starting in September/October 2022.  

2. Project Brief

In order to participate in the Initiative, candidates are required to produce a project, focused on the topic of the Innovating Local Heritage Craft in Fashion and Design.  

The aim of the project is to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of traditional crafts in the Middle Eastern region and how fashion has an important role to play in helping to preserve precious skills and knowledge by finding new applications for these in contemporary society. 

Participants should develop their projects by taking an imaginative, problem-solving approach.

Please choose one of the following topics/briefs for your project – bases on your Study area of interest:


    Develop a series of design ideas that show new ways of using or adapting a traditional Middle-Eastern craft skill in contemporary fashion garments – this may be through a capsule collection of 6 looks or in a fashion product line of 12 garments/artefacts.  

    Analyze the business opportunities for a traditional Middle-Eastern craft in a contemporary fashion scenario and propose a project connected to the local market and/or business practices.


    Propose ways in which a traditional Middle-Eastern craft might be innovated by integrating digital technology – either from a visual design/communication perspective or from a creative story-telling perspective.

    Interpret the identity of the Middle Eastern local heritage craft, in an innovative and contemporary context, developing a storytelling for a residential space through an interior design proposal project. The project will be present through a visual research (topic identification), sketches (concept formulation), and final piece rendering images (made by hand or by computer).

Identify a cultural topic relevant to the Middle Eastern context and use it as a reference to design a piece of furniture. The piece must be detailed-oriented and content-informed with a use of a recognizable aesthetic language. The project will be present through a visual research (topic identification), sketches (concept formulation), and final piece rendering images (made by hand or by computer).

Propose ways in which a traditional Middle-Eastern craft might be innovated by integrating digital technology – either from a visual design/communication perspective or from a creative story-telling perspective.  

The projects can be developed in different formats: video animations, PowerPoint presentations, a portfolio of prototypes enriched by music or voice-over, slideshow/gallery of images, the evolution of their idea in stop-motion or even a simple video story of the candidate.  

The projects must be up to a maximum of 20 slides if it is a Powerpoint presentation, a portfolio or a gallery.    

3. How to participate

Participation in the Initiative is free: each candidate can submit only one application in a designated School by uploading the required documents on the dedicated Scholarship platform.  

For further information on how to apply, please contact:  

Candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail for the application submitted.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the above email address no later than 24 hours after submission of the application.  

In order to participate in the Initiative, applicants are also requested to upload a list of documents, according to their course of interest, in addition to the project itself.  

Whether candidates have more than 1 file per the type of document, compressed file (.zip or .rar) can be uploaded. Maximum file size per upload is set to 2 MB. Maximum size allowed for the upload of the Special Project is 10MB.  

Undergraduate Courses & First Level Academic Diploma Courses

Participants are requested to upload in a single .zip or .rar folder:

  1. Special Project comprising:
    • A personal project in the form of a digital document including the research output and its rationale, goals and objectives or a portfolio of work.
  2. Copy of High School Diploma: if you haven’t graduated from high school yet, you can upload a certificate of enrolment confirming that you are attending your final year;
  3. Copy of High School Grades Certificate;
  4. Passport Scan / ID;
  5. Signed Personal Statement (Letter of motivation): we suggest you explain why you wish to participate in the Initiative, how would you develop your career in the coming years, what are your personal goals, etc. (about 100 words).
  6. Language Certificate (only for validated programmes):
    • For Manchester Met validated courses in London and Paris: non-native English speakers need to provide a copy of the official English Language Certificate. The English language test score should be at least  B2 on the CEFR level - i.e. IELTS overall score of 6.0 with no modules below 5.5 (for BA (Hons) courses taught in the Schools of London and Paris). The minimum English language requirements are subject to change and can be checked on
    • For AFAM validated courses in Milano and Firenze: non-English or Italian native speakers need to provide a certificate of language skills, level B1 of CEFR with specific requirements (e.g. IELTS 4.5 without elements below 4.0).

For their language certificate, participants may also attach a document certifying that the exam has been scheduled or will be taken shortly. 

Following the upload of the required documents on the scholarship platform, students for an undergraduate course delivered at any European school, will be required to complete a brief skill test.  

4. Timeline and Deadlines

  • 31st March, 2022 > Launch of the scholarship campaign.
  • 16th May, 2022 > deadline to submit applications.
  • 23rd May, 2022 > Final Jury Evaluation
  • Starting from 30th May 2022 > Communication of victory to selected participants.  

5. Jury and evaluation criteria

Projects will be evaluated by a specialised jury (hereby called the “Jury”) and ranked on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Coherence of objective;
  • Level of Innovation;
  • Project feasibility and aesthetic approach;
  • Overall quality;
  • Ability to synthesize information and clarity of the project.  

The Jury is composed of renowned Italian and international fashion professionals, Media Partners as well as Istituto Marangoni representatives.  

6. Awards  

  • 10 scholarships consisting in a 50% deduction on the tuition fee for any of the Undergraduate programmes (or Foundation Year) available at the Istituto Marangoni Dubai School, starting in September 2022. Important: for students who will attend the Foundation Course, the scholarship amount granted will be distributed between the Foundation Year and the first year of the three-year Programme. 
  • 5 scholarships consisting of a 50% deduction on the tuition fee of the first year (enrolment fee is always due) for one of the Undergraduate Fashion/Design programs available at the Istituto Marangoni European schools starting in October 2022.  

Any scholarship assigned, related to the specific relevant intake will NOT be considered automatically valid for the next following intake available (e.g.February 2023) – as they will have to be approved by Direction and the Academic Committee on a case by case modality. For participants applying to a Undergraduate / BA Hons course: the deduction of tuition fee is only applied to the first year of the undergraduate course.  

At the sole discretion of Istituto Marangoni, economic facilitations may also be granted for enrollment in courses starting in September/October 2022 to participants in the Initiative who are not winners, but who have developed projects worthy of interest for the same.  

7. Results and publication

At the end of the selection made by the Jury, the winners of the Initiative shall be informed by e-mail and by a phone call. The recipient of the scholarship shall confirm his/her interest in the scholarship within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the first communication by email. After that period has been elapsed without receiving any communication from the winner, the scholarship shall be considered as expired and shall be reassigned. The acceptance of the scholarship implies the obligation for the winner to file application for the selected course and pay the residual quote of the tuition fee.   

8. Rights and use of the delivered outputs

The participants (hereinafter the “Participants”) agree to transfer free of charge to Istituto Marangoni and its successors the right to use the special projects (hereinafter the “Projects” or, in the singular, “Project”) and the products that will be, where applicable, implemented as a consequence of the Project; the right to use any output delivered for the participation to the Initiative for ideas ‘Innovating Local Heritage Craft In Fashion and Design’, as well as all the materials connected to the projects and delivered, including the drawing of the Project, the sketches, the samples, the models, the tests and the video and photo materials. Istituto Marangoni reserves the right to use, publish and exploit the Projects in the form and manner deemed most appropriate: Participants also authorize Istituto Marangoni to use the documents received for promotional purposes and in the manner deemed most appropriate. The Participants, joining the Initiative for ideas ‘Innovating Local Heritage Craft In Fashion and Design’ declare that Istituto Marangoni and its successors cannot be subject to any claim resulting from such use. In any case, the Participants agree to indemnify and hold Istituto Marangoni and its successors harmless from any liability toward third parties.  

9. Declarations and warranties 

Each Participant declares and guarantees:

(i) to be the author of the Project, to own and to be fully, legitimately and autonomously entitled to grant, without limitation, all the rights granted herein, including but not limited to intellectual property rights anyhow related to the Project;

(ii) that the Project is original and shall not, directly or indirectly, infringe any third parties’ right, including copyrights and intellectual property rights;

(iii) that the Project shall not contain any obscene, violent, defamatory, blaspheme, upsetting elements and that the it shall not infringe any third party personal and patrimonial right (including moral rights, image rights, honor and/or reputation and/or confidentiality rights, copyrights, data protection, publishing and/or others rights) or any applicable law; in the event the Project contains elements and/or parts from third parties works, the Participant guarantee to have obtained in advance and/or to obtain all necessary consents, releases and/or authorizations, as well as all usage rights of the Project granted herein; (iv) that there are no rights or agreement with any third party which shall interfere with the rights granted herein and with the full and free usage and arrangement of the Project by Istituto Marangoni and its successors.  

In any case, the Participant undertakes to  indemnify and hold Istituto Marangoni and its successors harmless with respect to every demand, claim, contestation or request, whether made or brought before the courts or otherwise, by third parties related to the Project and/or to the rights granted pursuant the article 8 and/or that are inconsistent with the representations, warranties and obligations that the Participant has provided herein or by law and/or may interfere with the full and free exploitation by Istituto Marangoni and its successors of the rights granted herein.  

10. Information notice on personal data processing

Personal data (“Data”) collected in relation to participation in the Initiative will be registered in the database of Istituto Marangoni, controller of the treatment (“Data Controller”), pursuant to of the General European Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016 and related implementing legislation (hereinafter, jointly, the "Regulation").   Data of the Participants collected in relation to the their participation in the Initiative will be processed by Data Controller for the following purposes:

(i) to enable Participants to submit their application and, if necessary, to subsequently provide further information useful and/or necessary for the assessment of their application;

(ii) for purposes related with and instrumental to the process of evaluating, reviewing and selecting of the validly submitted applications;

(iii) for the management of the participation in the Initiative, including sending requests for integration of the application, information materials, updates, communications and/or changes to the programme related to the Initiative itself; as well as for deciding and announcing winners;

(iv) to fulfil any obligation provided for by laws, regulations, Community rules, orders, prescriptions and/or requests made by the Judicial Authority or by any person authorized to do so under legal provisions and secondary legislation;

(v) to exercise the rights and protect the legitimate interests of the Data Controller, such as the right the right to legal defence.  

The processing of the Data for the purposes indicated in points (i), (ii) and (iii) above shall be carried out by Data Controller for the purpose of execute Participants’ application, for the assessment and possible selection of the projects and - in the event of effective selection and confirmation - for announcing and proclaiming the winners and therefore does not require Participants’ express consent (pursuant to article 6.1 letter (b) of the Regulations). For such uses, the release of the data requested by Istituto Marangoni is indispensable and, therefore, failure to provide such Data will prevent Participants’ application from being examined and, consequently, their participation in the Initiative (pursuant to article 6.1, letter (b) of the GDPR). Data processing for the purposes specified in points (iv) and (v) above is carried out to fulfil legal obligations, and therefore does not require Participants’ express consent (pursuant to article 6.1, letter (c) of the GDPR).   Participants’ Data shall be processed by means of manual, computer and electronic tools, in any case able to guarantee the security thereof and to avoid unauthorized access to the Data.  

Participants’ Data and projects shall be communicated by Istituto Marangoni to third parties for the purposes of selecting and evaluating Projects within the scope of the Initiative. The release of Data for this purpose is necessary to participate in the Initiative.  

Pursuant to the Regulation, those  whose  Data are collected as a result of the participation in the Initiative are entitled to: a) obtain information on the existence of the data and the purpose for which the Data is processed, the storage period and the persons to whom the Data is disclosed; b) obtain disclosure of the Data in a format in common use, readable by any automatic, interoperable device; c) object to some or all of the processing; d) obtain the update, correction, integration, limitation, deletion, blocking or transformation of the Data to an anonymous form. Istituto Marangoni also remind that Participants are entitled to contact the Data Protection Authority (Piazza di Monte Citorio, 121 – 00186 Rome RM) to assert Participants’ rights regarding the processing of the Data. Participants may exercise the rights set forth above by means of a written request to be sent to the Data Protection Officer (so called DPO) Frareg S.r.l. - Viale Jenner 38, 20159 Milano MI – Italy, appointed by Data Controller, on email address who has been appointed by the Data Controller.  

11.Use of personal data

Participants authorize Istituto Marangoni to use their Data and images, as well as to realize and acquire videos, photos, registrations and to consign their image through third parties and by any means and activity related to the Initiative within six months starting from the expiry of the Initiative. They grant to Istituto Marangoni the right of use the said “material” in the context of the publishing products under the direction of Istituto Marangoni and in the context of the institutional website and social networks of Istituto Marangoni and its successors.  

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Italian law will govern the Initiative and the relations between the Participants. Any dispute that may arise between the promoters and the Participants will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan (Italy).  

13. Exemption from the ministerial validation

Pursuant to the article 6, D.P.R. 430, dated 26/10/2001, this Initiative is not a prize competition or lottery: as a result, no ministerial authorization is needed.