Scholarship Campaign – Intake April 2018

Istituto Marangoni offers every year deductions as a facilitation to the enrollment in its courses to the best talents.
Scholarships in this case are intended as a deduction on the tuition fees.
This Regulation refers to the Scholarship Campaign dedicated to Courses starting in the April 2018 intake.

Deduction opportunities

The opportunities available for this Campaign are:

  • 5.000 € deduction on the tuition fee (enrolment fee is due)
  • 50% deduction on the tuition fee and enrolment fee (enrolment fee is due)
  • 100% deduction on the tuition fee (enrolment fee is due)

for courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level offered by Istituto Marangoni Milano School of Fashion

Specifications about each course are available at:

Please note that:

1) the available courses at postgraduate level is the following:

  • Master programme* at the Milano School of Fashion

2) the available courses at undergraduate level are the following:

  • One Year courses* at the Milano School of Fashion

*Students who successfully complete these programmes will be awarded with an Istituto Marangoni certificate.

How to apply

In order to submit the application, candidates will need to:

  • go the dedicated web page;
  • fill out all fields with their personal data;
  • read and accept the privacy terms and conditions;
  • indicate the deduction amount that they want to apply for (multiple choice allowed);
  • select the School/Programme they wish to apply for;
  • submit all the necessary documents.

Each candidate can submit only one application.
Participation in the selection is free of charge.
No extra costs will be charged other than those deriving from the candidate’s internet network connection for accessing the service, which are the responsibility of the user. Istituto Marangoni assumes no responsibility for events beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation: the access, bar to access, the malfunction and difficulties relating to the technical instruments, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the data which can bar the candidate from participating in the selection.
A mandatory requisite for the participation in this selection is the candidates’ explicit consent to the processing of his/her personal data.

Selection and Assignment Criteria

The Istituto Marangoni Scholarship Committee will select the winners based on the materials provided by the candidate.
Materials submitted may not contain images and/or contents which are or could be considered offensive, illegal and/or immoral, nor sexually suggestive materials which promote, also potentially, offensive, profane, violent, obscene, or hate speech based upon the race and/or sex of an individual or group.
The rights of use for iconographic materials are considered property of the Candidate.
All accompanying texts and documents submitted shall be written in English. Content in any other language will not be made visible. Istituto Marangoni reserves the right to exclude from participation candidates who submit materials which do not comply with the Regulation.


Candidates interested in courses at postgraduate and undergraduate level, starting in the April 2018 intake, shall upload the requested materials and finalize the application no later than Friday, February 16th, 2018.
Application deadlines for any eventual special project will be specified in a dedicated regulation.
Candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail for the application submitted.
If candidates do not receive the confirmation email, are invited to contact no later than 24 hours after submission.
Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application once the Committee will have come to a final decision, over the following indicative period: first week of March 2018.

Terms of Assignment and Acceptance

Awarded candidates will be asked to confirm the acceptance of the offered deduction within 2 working days and to pay the due enrolment fee within 5 working days from the acceptance day.
Lacking a feedback and the payment of the enrolment fee from applicant side, awarded candidate name will be dropped from the list of recipients and a place cannot be guaranteed after this time. By accepting the deduction and enrolling into an Istituto Marangoni programme, the candidate implicitly accepts to become Istituto Marangoni Scholarship testimonial for the following Campaigns, where requested.
The regular attendance of the course as well as the maximum commitment on the part of the deduction recipient will be a binding requisite to obtain the final certificate.
The possible decision on the part of the participant to postpone his/her participation to the Course will automatically lead to the cancellation of the deduction assigned.
In case the selected Istituto Marangoni course is not activated for the April 2018 intake in the School of choice, the applicant may be offered to use the deduction to enroll into the same course in another Istituto Marangoni School. Alternatively, the applicant may be offered a similar course in the chosen School.


The Istituto Marangoni Scholarship Committee is composed by Istituto Marangoni leading Faculty members.
The Istituto Marangoni Scholarship Committee will unquestionably judge and select the most appropriate candidate profiles.

Required documents for Postgraduate Courses at Master Level

The required documents to apply for a deduction for a course at postgraduate level are:

  • signed letter stating your motivation for the request
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 reference letters
  • copy of University Degree certificate
  • copy of passport
  • portfolio (where requested)
  • grades transcript

Required documents for Undergraduate Courses

The required documents to apply for a deduction for a course at undergraduate level are:

  • signed letter stating your motivation for the request
  • photocopy/scan of High School Diploma and school certificates
  • photocopy/scan of passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • grades transcript
  • 6 creative ideas (where requested)***
*** Applicants are requested to submit 6 self-produced Creative Ideas: these can be anything that visually describes their inspiration and the area of study that they have chosen. They can be submitted in the form of sketches, drawings, photographs, moodboards and collages (the 6 creative ideas might also be a mix of these).  
They can also be: 
- personal reinterpretations of objects, environments, people, situations, etc.. 
- design ideas: representations of personal creations such as outfits/fashion collections, objects, furniture
pieces, interior spaces, etc. (according to the desired course you are applying to). 
All items must be submitted in A4 or A3 format, in .pdf,.tiff, .jpg, .zip.

Required documents upload notes

Whether candidates have more than 1 file per the type of document, compressed file (.zip or .rar) can be uploaded. Maximum file size per upload is set to 2 MB. Maximum size allowed for the upload of the Portfolio is 10MB.

Property rights

The candidate assures that all intellectual property rights used in the material provided are owned by the candidate or the candidate has a consent to use materials, texts or images of third parties. The candidate will keep Istituto Marangoni exempt, without limitation, from any claim, liability, costs, expenses, damages, injuries, direct and indirect losses,loss of business, that may raise to Istituto Marangoni as a consequence of direct or indirect use of third party materials, texts or images.
Candidates agree to allow Istituto Marangoni to use, severally or jointly, texts and images of their own dream; property rights of all images and texts shall be exclusively and definitively transferred to Istituto Marangoni, free of charge and without time limitation.