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Ekaterina Kovbashina

  • 41
  • Russia
  • age 23
“To light a new life to the old electric lamps factory“ — Ekaterina Kovbashina’s dream


In the last century on the territory of Electrozavod in Moscow were developed electric lamps. Today its territory of a great art space with painters, sculptors, musicians and other creative people. It has a shoe shops,furniture design studio, photo studio, etc. My project will provide convenience, pleasant atmosphere, healthy fresh food, master class for cooking and thus attract more visitors of all ages. The project includes 2 social open kitchens, that means that you can watch at the process of cooking like at home. Also it includes bar with drinks, desserts and snacks zone, as well as a dining area, cash zone. On the second floor there are a children's and eating area. On the ground floor there is a shop with healthy food. The project is intended for persons with disabilities.