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Maria Agostina Caruso

  • 49
  • Argentina
  • age 0
“Believe in your goal, live today, let it flow, do what you love and you will succeed.“ — Maria Agostina Caruso’s dream


I´m a Fashion Designer from Argentina. I lived part of my life in China, therefore I have grown up in a international environment. For the past 3 years I been working at a leather bag brand. Now I want to make a big step and move to Milan. I take this experience as part of my growth professional and personal. Family and Friends tells me that it required loads of strength to do this, and it’s true. It’s a challenge but also a big dream. However I believe if you live your dream it becomes real, as is been happening. After my graduation as a Fashion Designer, I had the enthusiasm to continue study this astonishing career called Fashion. The business, the design changes, there is so much to learn and see. would like the opportunity to be considering for a scholarship and continue dreaming