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Iana Kardanova

  • 108
  • Russia
  • age 32
“"It is only the impossible things that are worth doing nowadays" Oscar Wilde“ — Iana Kardanova’s dream


For most of my adult life I have been designing clothes while also working in fashion industry as a buyer, stylist and merchandiser. During this time, I have also been developing a project of my own, an accessories concept store. Above all this, through all my life, I've been dreaming of setting up a company that would celebrate clean, elegant, timeless wearable works of art. I cant wait to share my vision with the world. I want to fulfill my dream and be a real professional in the fashion industry. I hope that Istituto Marangoni can help me accomplish this so that I can join the ranks of their esteemed alumni and change not only my life, but also millions of lives of the others.