New Challenges Contest


1.   Contest subject

This special initiative aimed at students in their last year of high schools in Italy are invited to participate in the “call” that offers the opportunity to enjoy scholarships consisting of  tuition cost reductions for the first year of study (for three-year courses) in the areas of Fashion Design, Business, Styling and art for campuses in Milan and Florence for the 2018/19 academic year.


2.   Participation criteria

Participants must send a creative project according to their educational area/course of interest:

  • FASHION DESIGN > Participants will have to create 6 sketches that represent their own collection idea or present an iconographic research of 10 images inspired by cinema or the world of music in the area of a particular historical period of the students choice. The sketches or images need to be accompanied by a short text (no more than 400 words) to explain how the project was interpreted and made.
  • FASHION BUSINESS > Assuming that you want to showcase your new collection, what would be the ideal location and what type of collection would be the best to sell? How can the client’s shopping experience be optimized? Give examples of some brands from which to draw inspiration. The final product will consist of a text of no more than 600 words, with images included.
  • FASHION STYLING > “styles and trends”, from street styles to young sub-cultures, iconic styles to the hottest trends of today. Participants will take some photos in a reportage style with the goal of identifying new fashion trends (a maximum of 10 photos). The photos must be accompanied by a brief text (no more than 400 words to explain how the chosen themes are interpreted through the use of photographic language;  
  • ART > Participants will need to conduct iconographic research, selecting art images relating to a specific time period, illustrating elements that can relate to contemporary fashion (example: Brands like Gucci and Versace). Participants will need to create 1 mood board containing images through which will demonstrate a link between art and fashion. The mood board must be accompanied by a brief descriptive test (no more than 400 words)


3.   How to apply

Participation in the call is free of charge. For more information on how to participate, please contact:
To apply, participants must send:

  • In the first document, the participant must include the research material on the basis of a project presented and then indicate their own interpretation of the contest, also describing the goal that the participant wishes to achieve through the presented project (maximum 100 words);
  • These two files must be uploaded in a single PDF document.

Participants must also provide:

  • A short motivation letter: we suggest that the participant explains what pushed him or her to want to apply to this initiative, how you would like to develop your career in the future and what your personal goals are… Your letter may be up to 100 words.
  • copy of a certificate of enrollment relating to high schools: if you have still not received your high school diploma, you can upload a certificate of enrollment (or a copy of a page indicating your last year that confirms that you are in your last year of study at your high school.
  • Copy of Legal document/passport

 The official language for this scholarship campaign is English. However, projects in Italian will still be accepted.


4.   Calendar

  • 2 May, 2018> deadline for the last registration and to send the creative project.
  • 7 May, 2018> Committee meeting of professionals for the selection of the best projects.
  • Starting from 9 May, 2018 on> Scholarship results will be communicated to winners


5.   Jury and evaluation criteria

Projects will be evaluated by a specialised jury (hereby called the “jury”) and will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Coherence of objective
  • Level of Innovation
  • Project effectiveness from a functional and aesthetic point of view
  • Overall quality
  • Ability to synthesize information and clarity of the project.

A maximum of 50 winners, among the four learning areas that are indicated by point 2, will be chosen at the incontestable discretion of the Jury by 7th of May, 2018, 


6.   Award

There are 50 scholarships consisting of tuition reduction for the first year of a pre-selected course at the value of 5000 euro up to the maximum amount of 50% of the tuition (for the first year), valid for one of the three year courses offered by Istituto Marangoni at either the Milan or Florence Schools in the 2018/19 academic year.


7.     Results and publication

At the end of the selection made by the Jury, the winners of the call shall be informed by e-mail and by a phone call. 

The selected participant for the scholarship shall confirm his/her interest in the scholarship within 5 working days from the date of the first communication by email on Istituto Marangoni official website. After that period has been elapsed without receiving any communication from the winner, the scholarship shall be considered as expired and shall be reassigned.

The acceptance of the scholarship implies the obligation for the winner to file application for the selected course and pay the residual quote of the tuition fee. 


8.   Rights and use of the delivered outputs

The participants (hereinafter the “Participants”) agree to transfer to Istituto Marangoni S.r.l., in Milan, Via Verri 4 (Tax Number 09447270159) (hereafter “Istituto Marangoni”) the right to use the creative projects (hereinafter the “Project”) and the products that will be, where applicable, implemented as a consequence of the project; the right to use any output delivered for the participation to the contest for ideas “New Challenges”, as well as all the materials connected to the projects and delivered, including the drawing of the Project, the sketches, the samples, the models, the tests and the video and photo materials. Istituto Marangoni reserves the right to use, publish and exploit the Projects in the form and manner deemed most appropriate: the Participants shall also authorize Istituto Marangoni S.r.l. to use the documents received for promotional purposes and in the manner deemed most appropriate. The Participants, joining the contest for ideas “New Challenges” declare that Istituto Marangoni cannot be subject to any claim resulting from such use. In any case, the participants agree to indemnify and hold Istituto Marangoni and its  successors harmless from any liability toward third parties.


9.   Declarations and warranties  

The Participant declares and guarantees: 

(i) to be the author of the Project, to own and to be fully, legitimately and autonomously entitled to grant, without limitation, all the rights granted herein, including but not limited to intellectual property rights anyhow related to the Project;
(ii) that the Project is original and shall not, directly or indirectly, infringe any third parties’ right, including copyrights and intellectual property rights;
(iii) that the Project shall not contain any obscene, violent, defamatory, blaspheme, upsetting elements and that the it shall not infringe any third party personal and patrimonial right (including moral rights, image rights, honor and/or reputation and/or confidentiality rights, copyrights, data protection, publishing and/or others rights) or any applicable law;

In the event the Project contains elements and/or parts from third parties works, the Participant guarantee to have obtained in advance and/or to obtain all necessary consents, releases and/or authorizations, as well as all usage rights of the Project granted herein;

(vii) that there are no rights or agreement with any third party which shall interfere with the rights granted herein and with the full and free usage and arrangement of the Project by Istituto Marangoni and its successors.

In any case, the Participant undertakes to  indemnify and hold Istituto Marangoni and its successors harmless with respect to every demand, claim, contestation or request, whether made or brought before the courts or otherwise, by third parties related to the Project and/or to the rights granted pursuant the article 8 and/or that are inconsistent with the representations, warranties and obligations that the Participant has provided herein or by law and/or may interfere with the full and free exploitation by Istituto Marangoni and its successors of the rights granted herein..


10.   Information on the treatment of personal data

Personal data collected as a result of the participation to the call will be used for the following purposes: execution of the operations of the call and for the thereto related purposes: the processing of personal data will be executed using manual, electronic and telematics tools closely related to the purposes for which they were provided; they could be disseminated through websites and social networks connected to the Istituto  In case of refusal to provide the requested data in order to participate in the call, the application form will be rejected or the potential participant excluded. In case of refusal to provide the data, as indicated, in order to transfer the advertising material, there will be no consequences. Personal data collected as a result of the call participation will be registered in the Istituto Marangoni database, holder of the treatment;

People to whom the data collected as a result of the participation to the call refer to are considered the holders, pursuant to article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, of the related rights, among them, the confirmation of the existence of their personal data and their provision in an intelligible form, the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, as well as the updating, rectification, integration and to oppose the treatment for any legitimate reason. By participating in the call, the participants give their consent to the aforementioned treatment of data.


11.   Consent to the use of personal data

The participants authorise the Istituto Marangoni S.r.l. to use their personal data and their image, as well as to take videos, photos, registrations and to consign their image through third parties and with any tools, video, photo and television and the activity related to the call. They grant to the Istituto Marangoni S.r.l. the right of use the said “material” in the context of the publishing products directed by the Istituto Marangoni S.r.l. and in the context of the institutional website and social networks.


12.   Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Italian law will govern the call and the relations between the participants. Any dispute that may arise between the promoters and the participants will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.


13.   Exemption from the ministerial validation

Pursuant to the article 6, D.P.R. 430, dated 26/10/2001, this call is not a prize competition or lottery: as a result, no ministerial authorization is needed.